Affordable and Attractive Dentures

stock-120Dentures have been used to replace teeth for decades, and they have come a long way in recent years. Dentures are now more comfortable and attractive than ever! When you choose to replace your missing teeth with dentures, our trained and experienced staff will create a custom-fit set that will serve your needs perfectly.

Dr. Lambertus sees many patients who need to replace their teeth with full or partial dentures. Dentures protect any remaining teeth from shifting out of place. With some practice, denture patients also find it easier to chew and speak properly again.

Best of all, our beautiful dentures can give back the confidence you need to enjoy socializing, smiling, and laughing again.

Selecting Your Dentures

Dr. Lambertus will help you decide which type of dentures is right for you. Some patients prefer dentures that are hooked securely to dental implants. Others prefer removable dentures. You can also choose between partial or full dentures.

We value our patients and take the time to fashion dentures that look and feel natural for them. No matter which dentures you choose, we will ensure that they are affordable, appealing, and long-lasting.

31Caring for Dentures

How do you maintain your full and complete smile? Removable dentures can be cleaned in denture cleaner or with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Implant dentures can be flossed and brushed with your natural teeth.

You can visit Dr. Lambertus at any time for regular denture maintenance. She will be happy to rebase or adjust your dentures when needed.

Here are a few other pointers to remember when you are caring for your dentures:

  • Handle them carefully.
  • Do not expose them to hot water.
  • Brush your gums and tongue to reduce gum shrinkage.
  • See your dentist regularly.
  • Bring a broken denture in for repair before wearing it.

Good care can help your dentures last longer, so you can eat and smile comfortably.

Get a New Smile at Frontier Village Dental Care!

Dentures will give you the smile you deserve without any of the financial strain. Call us today to set up an appointment with your caring dental professional.